Marilois on Media 7-13-18

Youngest Billionaire Owes Social Media

This week Kylie Jenner is on the cover of Forbes' "America's Women Billionaires" issue. She is reportedly worth approximately $900 million. Not even old enough to legally order alcohol, Kylie will likely surpass Mark Zuckerberg's record as the youngest made billionaire. Kylie Cosmetics employs seven full-time people, outsourcing labor, and it's worth hundreds of millions. Forbes asks: How did 20-Year Old Kylie build a $900 million fortune in less than three years? Answer: "Basically, all Jenner does to make all that money is leverage her social media following." Read more here.

Maybe Kylie Can Buy It

This week Fox upped its bid for British network Sky. Comcast had been bidding on Sky. Comcast is also bidding on Fox, which is simultaneously courted by Disney. Did you follow that shell game?

Or Maybe It's Kylie IGTV

Recently, Instagram unveiled a new app for long-form video content, Instagram TV, or IGTV. IGTV hosts video content that plays up to an hour long, as opposed to Instagram's traditional 60-second videos. What's good? 1) The app is optimized to work on mobile devices, so the video is oriented vertically. 2) Super easy to use. Either download the IGTV app or click upper right-hand corner on already existing Instagram app. 3) Buttons/features make the content even more engaging, including the ability to create your own channel. (Hello, YouTube?) Check out Hootsuite's blog here for some helpful tips for brands getting started.

5G Is Coming Just In Time

It's not just IGTV, there are many recent stats showing increased mobile use. In fact, mobile data usage spiked 14% in 2017. And that doesn't count the 20% increase in IOT (Internet of Things) devices. To that end, it's a bit of good news that 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, promising blistering speed, is on its way. And when I say "blistering," I mean 100x faster than current 4G. This week. the FCC announced two spectrum auctions in November. Wireless providers need the high-band spectrum swaths to build out 5G networks, so the FCC announcement was welcome. Futurists say that 5G will change the world as we know it, spurring innovation to make consumers' lives easier. And marketers know where there is communication access, there is advertising.

Marilois Snowman is managing director + founder of Mediastruction, a media design shop.

Marilois Snowman is managing director + founder of Mediastruction, a media design shop.

Marilois Snowman| Mediastruction | 508-540-3600 |marilois@mediastruction |

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