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AT&T and Time Warner - What It Means for Marketers

AT&T is about to become a media company, a giant in the advertising world. Having won an anti-trust ruling, the way is now paved for AT&T to acquire Time Warner, which should happen at the end of this month. Time Warner, as you may know, owns content from TNT, TBS, TNN, HBO and others. For many years the industry debate was whether pipes or content trumped. Some creative thinker must have asked "why choose"? What's the first opportunity: Think "addressable," AT&T already has the pipes, so it can deliver addressable content to compete with Google and Facebook. One other interesting note: AT&T CEO of advertising and analytics will be Brian Lesser, from GroupM, an advertising agency. And along the lines of irony, the merger will make AT&T the US' second largest advertiser, next to #1 Comcast. P&G is in third place, by about $1 billion.

Linear versus Streaming

And speaking of TV viewing, both traditional and digital, download this report from Nielsen on the overlap between live, linear viewing and streaming TV content. Some key takeaways: All markets are showing YOY growth of streaming television, although urban markets have highest penetration. Of the LPM markets, Seattle has the highest user reach of streaming devices, including Roku, smart TVs, Apple TV, video game consoles, Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. Of the set meter market, Providence has the highest user reach. All that said, in a typical day, 93% of streamers watch traditional TV.

Marketing Smarts

Kudos to the marketing team at IHOB, formerly known as IHOP. Only a stranded tower-climbing raccoon could knock this campaign out of the social media spotlight. Here's how it went down,,,IHOP leveraged social and earned media to announce it was changing its initials to IHOB, leaving consumers to guess the meaning of its new acronym. Most people guessed the "B" was for "breakfast," But that would also be for "boring." In a surprise twist, IHOB announced the "B" was for burger, an evolved menu item. Not to be outdone, several competing QSRs, without foresight of coordinating their response, took to the Twitter-waves with snarky comebacks, in an attempt to hijack the campaign conversation. But here's the thing - when Burger King and Wendy's and Waffle House and others all start critiquing your branding, guess what consumers remember? Your branding. Well played, Droga 5. Won't be surprised to see this at 2019 Cannes.

Marilois Snowman is managing director + founder of Mediastruction, a media design shop.

Marilois Snowman is managing director + founder of Mediastruction, a media design shop.

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