Marilois on Media 7-31-17

Move Over Coal Miners, Marketing Jobs About To Get AI'd

Artificial Intelligence is already disintermediating marketing jobs. When one considers the increasing fragmentation of consumer media options, it will take a machine to automate bidding and serving liquid media, following the consumer throughout his daily journey. "Trying to test an infinite number of combinations of creative ideas and placements is like solving a puzzle that keeps adding more and more pieces while you are trying to assemble them," writes Kris Kalish in Venture Beat. Mediastruction leverages AI and cloud computing to simulate thousands upon thousands of consumer journeys to understand causal relationship between media exposure, brand building and offline sales. Venture Beat posits AI will even overcome ad blocking, by providing learning at massive scale, while retaining personalization in ad serving. Read more about the future of AI as it relates to advertising here.

Scary Google Discovery

Google has been quietly working with premium publishers to uncover ad fraud, and the findings are scary. One target of the undercover investigation is "spoofing," the phenomenon where unscrupulous groups buy low-value inventory on exchanges and resell it, as if it were premium. This is reminiscent of the credit default swaps of a decade ago, where subprime mortgages were repackaged in mortgage-backed security traunches and sold as AAA securities. Read more here.

Kenshoo E-commerce Initiative

Last week I wrote about Kenshoo buying Rocket Fuel. This week we learn is selling Amazon ads on its platform, launching Kenshoo's foray into e-commerce marketing. Hats off to Kenshoo for evolving so quickly with a brilliant solution to plug the path to purchase gap from social to search to e-commerce. Right now the initiative is in invite-only design partner status.We look forward to following this offering.

Nielsen Adding YouTube TV and Hulu to Measurement

It's no secret the way consumers define "TV" is changing, much less the way TV is watched. And Nielsen has had a heck of a time determining how to integrate measurement with non-traditional content. This week we read that Nielsen is adding YouTube TV and Hulu ratings to TV measurement, as long as those channels have the same commercials that ran when the program initially aired on TV, regardless of device from which it was viewed. YouTube TV is no Netflix in terms of subscribers, but the incremental measurement will be helpful to agencies and marketers trying to optimize the reach of campaigns, as "TV" buys become more offline-online synced.

The Rock for President - Or Buy Siri

The Rock Promotes Siri

Speaking of TV, check out this nearly 4-minute ad for Siri, featuring the Rock. Despite being way too long for an advertisement and way too short for long-form content, it's already garnered over 10 million views.

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