Marilois on Media 7-7-17

The Struggle Is Real

Ever have that discombobulated feeling when you leave your cell phone away from arm's length? Well, apparently you are not alone. eMarketer reports this week that, for many, the technology addiction is real. And then there was that 60 Minutes report a few weeks ago where former Google product manager Tristan Harris reported Silicon Valley programmers are intentionally engineering phones to be addictive. The scariest part of the report: California State scientists found when people spend time away from their phones, their brain signals the adrenal gland to produce cortisol, the hormone responsible for "flight or fight." But, then again, all that addiction and data around engagement is a gold mine for advertisers.

Speaking of Mobile, Keep Your Eye On This Supreme Court Case

The High Court is scheduled to hear a case in October involving law enforcement's right to obtain consumer location data, as generated by cell phone towers. Currently, the government argues, consumers have no right to a privacy expectation, since consumers provide the geo-location data to a third-party, the mobile carrier. The government's argument is covered under the Third-Party Doctrine, which says that if information is provided to a third-party, police don't need warrants to obtain the information. The American Civil Liberties Union says the Third-Party Doctrine is a 70s relic, and needs to be reevaluated. Geo-location data is a huge boon for marketers, which leverage that data to create behavioral and demographic segments. Marketers say the personally identifiable information is stripped, so not the same use as police. The question is: Will consumers and the courts agree?

Top Millennial Brands

If you want a glimpse into the future, check out AdWeek's list of top brands increasing in adoption by millennial customers. One apparent trend: Convenience trumps ethics. Thus, even for brands with recent bad press (cough, cough "Uber"), convenient digital offerings make for forgiving customers.

Live Group Chat Coming Via Facebook

Speaking of the future, Facebook is reportedly planning a live group video chat app. Code named "Bonfire," its estimated release is Q4 2017. I wonder how live video exchanges will change the tone of Facebook communication. It will be a lot harder to tell Uncle Joe where his political ideas can go, if you need to do it face to face in a virtual family reunion.

Google Gone Native

This week Google announced a new mobile ad unit to take advantage of native placement. The formats include in-feed, in-article and contextual placement, and can be customized to mirror the publisher's mobile site.

Marilois Snowman is managing director + founder of Mediastruction, a media design shop.

Marilois Snowman is managing director + founder of Mediastruction, a media design shop.

Marilois Snowman| Mediastruction | 508-540-3600 |marilois@mediastruction

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