Some agencies have CEOs or COOs, but DigitalWire360 has a “Chief Dynamo,” and that exactly describes founder Amy Packard Berry. She started the Scottsdale-based company in 2013, after a career working at top agencies including J. Walter Thompson, Integer, Razorfish and Havas.

Amy Packard Berry, DigitalWire360's Chief Dynamo

Amy Packard Berry, DigitalWire360's Chief Dynamo

Three years strong, the agency prides itself on using innovative targeting strategies to elevate their client’s brands to the next level. According to Packard Berry, “We don’t believe in coincidences. We believe behavior transforms brands.”

Clients run the gamut from Automotive to Consumer Products to Restaurants, although they’ve had great success in the healthcare sector. Packard Berry recognizes the need of an agency to design an all-in-one marketing strategy connecting patients with doctors. The agency’s passion for the community is evident in their work with non-profit organizations.

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DW360 services a vast array of clients and industries

“We thrive at the challenges,” says Packard Berry, “propelling tourism in the White Mountains of Arizona on a limited budget to over 10,000 followers on Facebook in two years, to currently launching two exclusive consumer evaporative cooling products and re-birthing a chain of restaurants.”

She observes that they are unique in the Phoenix market, as most boutique agencies vendor services out. That’s not the case with DigitalWire360. They have their own recording and video green screen production studio, social media marketing and web development teams.

“The only thing we outsource is market research,” says Packard Berry.


                         A 360-degree view of DigitalWire360

A 360-degree view of DigitalWire360


DigitalWire360’s sweet spot and competitive advantage is the agency’s ability to provide everything a client/partner is looking for. Clients here have expressed a huge need to better understand digital and how it’s best used, she stated. To that end, DigitalWire360 delivers a targeted, laser-focused approach.

“Client’s all need content, and storytelling is a fundamental part. We go from start to finish,” says Packard Berry.


DigitalWire360 propelled tourism in Arizona's White Mountains with this beacon adventure app.

Many of the company’s 10-person staff bring dynamic backgrounds and skills that lend a unique perspective to advertising. The creative director is a former music producer, and, she notes, an exceptionally good listener. There’s a 3D animator on board and other employees come from journalism backgrounds, with exceptional storytelling ability.

The staff “lives and breathes creativity,” according to Packard Berry. Virtually all of the staff is musically inclined, whether it’s playing an instrument or singing. She plans to give back to the community by establishing a nonprofit children’s organization promoting art and music in schools.

In a world where customer service increasingly takes a back seat, DigitalWire360 hones in on what clients need. “We stay with the client on the entire journey,” says Packard Berry. “At the end of the day, no matter the dollar size of the retainer, clients still need the same amount of service.