By Advertising People. For Advertising People.

Welcome to RFPODlooza, a podcast by and for advertising people (and ex advertising people, too!). In this podcast we will discuss issues of interest to advertising people, sometimes issues that have nothing to do with advertising.

If you or someone you know are interested in being on one of our subsequent podcasts, please reach out to roger@rfpalooza.com

PODCAST #2: In this edition of RFPODlooza, host #RogerChiocchi speaks with Andrew Howlett, CEO of the Struck Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. Andrew discusses his philosophy on the business, the thinking behind some of their award-winning campaigns and how, as a small agency, Struck positions itself to win accounts from all around the US.
PODCAST #1: In our first edition, we spoke with Tricia Bradley. She started as an art director at Y&R and then built a successful career after Madison Ave as a director/producer of a reality TV show and a sports-related show and as a celebrity-maker.

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