Our Mission


You’re the lifeblood of our industry,

the DNA in our collective genes. You’re nimble and lithe, where truly different ideas are germinated and nurtured, where the industry perpetually reinvents itself. You’re where the “P” word – passion – becomes truly passionate. You’re the defiant ones, the playful ones, the ones who stretch the rules, push the edge of the envelope.

You continually prove the adage that four or five talented individuals working together in a loft or basement – or virtually – can forever change the fortunes of a brand.

The industry couldn’t survive without you. You keep it honest, make everyone better. You give it the ideas, the kernels, create the trends that ultimately define its future.

RFPalooza exists for you, the small and medium sized agencies. We’re here to provide new sources of growth, a way to interact, to help you forge new alliances and partnerships and, of course, to help you reinvent the industry. We believe that in today’s marketplace, coopetition can trump competition.

Think of us as your support system, an aide to growth and prosperity – a provider of fuel for your passion.

Yes, you rock.

And sometimes one small rock can topple a lumbering giant.