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What is RFPalooza’s mission?

We like to see small businesses do well. There are many marcom RFPs out there and we want to make them easily available to as many marcom professionals as we can. If you’d like to learn more about how we think, we suggest you take a look at our MISSION STATEMENT.

Why do you feel so strongly about small businesses?

Because we believe they are the lifeblood of our economy and, although many pay lip service to small businesses, very few really understand them. Not many realize what it’s like to own a small business during a downturn when, not only can the owner not pay him/herself, but has to go out of pocket to pay the rent or make payroll. And then, guess what? There’s no form of “unemployment” for small business owners. Small businesses get much lip service, but very little legislation.

How does RFPalooza work?

On our ALL RFPs page we list every RFP in our inventory, but hide the name of the actual client to non-members. If you register for a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, you will then be re-directed to a page where the identity(ies) of the client(s) are revealed and then all you have to do is click on the client’s name and it will take you to the RFP. Non-members can also purchase RFPs individually on the All RFPs page for $16.95 per RFP.

What type of memberships are available?

It’s pretty simple. If you’re a marcom agency with 40 employees or less, you can access all of our many dozens of RFPs for $29.95 per month. If you’re an agency with over 40 employees, the cost is $44.95 per month. If you’re a Canadian agency and are only interested in our RFPS from Canada, you can buy a Canada Only Membership for $14.95/month. If you’re a freelancer in any of the marcom disciplines, you can register for our Freelance Exchange for $13.95 per month and see only those RFPs which appear open to freelancers. You can subscribe to any of these memberships on our REGISTRATION PAGE. If you would rather not commit to an ongoing subscription, you can purchase most of our RFPs individually for $16.95 each.

What do you mean by “you can access” all of your RFPs?

As a Premium Member, after you login, you can click on the client name on any of our restricted RFP pages and in most cases, it will take you to a copy of the actual RFP. Some organizations require you as a vendor to register before they will give you access to the actual document; in those cases we get you as close as we possibly can.

I’m a freelancer. What do you mean when you say with a Freelance Exchange membership you can see only those RFPs which appear open to freelancers?

While some RFPs are very explicit that they are open to responses from individuals, others are ambiguous. On our judgment, we try to list all RFPs which appear open to freelancers/individuals on our exchange. However, we always recommend that a freelancer contact the client to make sure that they are open to freelancers before they go through the process of responding to the RFP.

What happens if I lose my password?

It’s simple to reset. Just go to the main menu on the upper left and hover over the word “Register” and you will see a drop-down menu where you can select “Password Reset.”

What are your cancellation policies?

You can cancel anytime before your subscription month expires to avoid continuing for the next month. Simply email us at roger@RFPalooza.com

Suppose my firm decides to pursue a RFP listed on your site. Do you have any guidance to give us?

We would suggest that once you decide to pursue an RFP to let the issuing entity know that you intend to respond, even if they don’t require that you do. (This is particularly critical for freelancers: you should always determine for sure that the client is open to responses from individuals). When you correspond with the client, make sure that you get on a list to be included in all future addenda and modifications to the RFP. After that, it all gets down to answering the questions in the most compelling way possible.

You seem to only post RFPs for governmental and academic institutions. Why?

Governmental entities and many academic institutions are required to issue RFPs for certain types of projects, so there are many, many in the marketplace that we try to accumulate and categorize for our subscribers. When a private entity comes to us with an RFP, we certainly post it.

How do you get your RFPs?

We’ll never tell….