"It's all about the brand experience."

Many agencies talk that talk.

andCulture actually walks that walk.

Some metaphysical blend of the social sciences, strategy, creativity and technology, andCulture creates human-centered brand experiences.

“Our mission is to elicit human behaviors that create an emotional response for our clients,” Accounts Director, Erin Stine, told us. “We do it by digging deep and considering every aspect of a person’s experience with the brand.”

Accounts Director Stine: "andCulture digs deep."

Accounts Director Stine: "andCulture digs deep."

Without doubt, andCuture ( digs deep. To deliver the best possible user-brand experience, the agency is separated into three teams, each collaborating with the others to address the client’s issues holistically.

The Strategy Team is staffed by what the agency refers to as “Experience Designers.” Their backgrounds are varied, including anthropologists and linguists, and their mission is focused on examining the client’s brand and issues from the full continuum of social science perspectives.

The Design Team is staffed with a suite of designers and content creators while the Development Team includes a full fleet of developers and coders who design websites, build mobile apps, mobile responsive sites and sophisticated in-depth structures like intranets.

“Everything is strategy-driven,” said Stine. “Yes, we offer digital, design, copywriting and other conventional agency services, but it all begins with strategy.”

Visitors to nearby Hershey Park benefit from this geo-targeted Mobile app by andCulture

Visitors to nearby Hersheypark benefit from this geo-targeted Mobile app by andCulture

Stine cited a recent project andCulture completed for Keas, a company in the wellness space. “Keas had some complex data and needed to have it visualized in a user-friendly way for HR execs,” she said.

So andCulture's teams went to work. “Our strategists/experience-designers studied the data and together with our design and development teams came up with an infographic that brought the numbers to life.” So much so, she added, that the infographic was recently placed in the Huffington Post.


andCulture designed this multi-platform app for homebuyers for NeighborWatch

andCulture designed this multi-platform app for homebuyers for NeighborWorks.

Challenges like that are commonplace for andCulture. They've recently completed similarly complex challenges for Ouya, a video console manufacturer who needed a solution to an issue with customer support tix, Hershey Entertainment, where andCulture created a geo-targeted mobile app, and the Pennsylvania Court System, where they designed a mobile responsive website that led employment applicants through the entire hiring process.

At andCulture, everything revolves around strategy.

At andCulture, everything revolves around strategy.

You might think that a company like andCulture would be located in Silicon Valley, LA, the East Village or even, perhaps, London or Amsterdam. But, no, andCulture’s home base is Harrisburg, PA, known more for being the state capital of Pennsylvania than a mecca for marcom firms.

“Location really doesn’t define companies in our industry anymore,” Stine said. “We work with several companies on the West Coast, we’re accessible to all cities along the Amtrak corridor, some of our employees telecommute and, predictably, we spend lots of times in Skype sessions.”

Which only reinforces the adage, “It’s all about the experience.”

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