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Prime Time for Public Sector RFPs

Some in the ad and marcom industry scoff at public sector RFPs. They’re not sexy. Not financial services, not travel and tourism, not telecommunications or high tech or, better yet, high tech start-ups.

Whatever you may think, now is the perfect time for public sector RFPs.

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There are a bevy of reasons, but here are a few:

  • We’ve seen post-secondary academic institutions issue RFPs for remote learning programs and anticipate more will do so in the upcoming months as we adjust to a “new normal.”
  • With the current economy, private sector marketers will undoubtedly cut back on their marketing and advertising budgets. It’s a given. Most public sector RFPs are for government mandated programs– such as the census, voter registration, public housing availability, financial assistance and educational programs among others. These mandates are much less likely to go away during a downturn than private sector initiatives.
  • For small and medium sized agencies, cash flow is always an issue. For the most part, private sector entities that continue to market during a downturn try to stretch out their payables. Not good for an agency on an already tight budget. Also, particularly with start-ups, it remains a mystery whether you will get paid at all.
  • Public sector dollars are worth just as much as private sector dollars.

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Marilois on Media 7-13-18

Youngest Billionaire Owes Social Media This week Kylie Jenner is on the cover of Forbes' "America's Women Billionaires" issue. She is reportedly worth approximately $900 million. Not even old enough to legally order alcohol, Kylie will likely surpass Mark Zuckerberg's record as the youngest made billionaire. Kylie Cosmetics employs seven full-time people, outsourcing labor, and…
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AT&T and Time Warner - What It Means for Marketers AT&T is about to become a media company, a giant in the advertising world. Having won an anti-trust ruling, the way is now paved for AT&T to acquire Time Warner, which should happen at the end of this month. Time Warner, as you may know,…
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Marilois on Media 05-11-18

Google's Latest AI This week Google announced a new, powerful innovation in the area of artificial intelligence, called Google Duplex. Google Duplex enhances voice recognition technology to the point where it can initiate and hold conversations with humans to accomplish tasks, like setting a hair dressing appointment. What makes this technology so important is its…
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Marilois on Media 03-23-18

Elephant in the Room So I guess we really can't NOT talk about Facebook this week. What you may want to know, in no particular order of importance: This might be a good time to invest in traditional media. If I own a group of radio and TV stations, I'm reminding marketers of something. Guess…
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Marilois on Media 02-28-18

Gen Z Looking More Like Yuppies - Want to Own Stuff Unlike Millennials, content with a share economy, research out this week says that Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2009) wants to own stuff. Good news for auto and real estate and the financial brands that support those economies. Gen Z will comprise 25%…
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Marilois on Media 2-2-18

Emoji Analysis for Brand Health Friday Freebie. Click here to download the free Emoji Report from brandwatch. It's a 10-minute read, but well worth your time. The use of emojis has skyrocketed in the last decade. Organizing and interpreting emoji appearance, as it relates to brand conversations, is very useful in tracking consumer sentiment. If…
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Marilois On Media 1-16-18

Mobile Threat This week the concern over children's mobile phone addiction went past parents asking kids to put the phone down for dinner, straight to the board room. Activist Apple investors Jana Partners, along with California teacher pension investor CalSTRS
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Marilois on Media 12-15-17

The End of the Internet As We Know It Net neutrality ended this week. Since no one yet knows the fallout, I thought I'd share a few questions on my mind: - Let's assume for a minute the end of net neutrality means that internet service providers will tier pricing based on which websites consumers…
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Marilois on Media 11-20-17

It Takes An Engineer I'm a huge fan of the MIT Media Lab. The contributors are an amazing consortium of scientists and artists and ethnographers and biologists, who bring to life innovative societal solutions. I once saw a prototype for a mobile app to detect eye disease in remote parts of the world. You know…
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Marilois on Media 11-7-17

Digital Dependence This is a week where we really can't ignore the societal, ethnographic consequences of digital media. Our lives are digitally dependent. To wit, this week I attended an NBA game, an experience now expertly choreographed with fan interaction. Audience members ham for a chance at jumbotron stardom. But you know what else was…
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Marilois on Media 10-24-17

Broadcast Numbers As I've been saying, the media budget pie hasn't gotten bigger, the slices are just more narrow. To wit, this week Q3 ad revenue numbers for national TV were released. Networks experienced double digit declines, with broadcast decreasing nearly 20%. "The negative ad growth will mark the biggest decline over the past six…
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Marilois on Media 10-17-17

Nobel Media This week the Nobel prize in economics is of note for marketers. Not because of advertising's impact on the economy, but because of behavioral economic's impact on advertising. This week Richard Thaler, one of the founding fathers of behavioral economics, won the Nobel prize for his "nudge" theory, which essentially says people cannot…
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Marilois on Media 10-6-17

Ya-boo-hoo This week we learned that the 2013 Yahoo account hack was far worse than we thought. Essentially all 3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked. This on the back of the Equifax hack + Russian manipulation of social media is not good news for marketers reliant on digital advertising. Why? Couple reasons. 1) Consumers are…
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Marilois on Media 9-26-17

Breaking Dead Theory: Brilliant move, AMC I heard an interesting rumor this week. Heard it in a text from my college-age son. The show "Breaking Bad" is actually a prequel to the "Walking Dead." Now my son only texts me once or twice a week, and it's usually for more money or food. But this…
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Marilois on Media 9-19-17

That's Billion, with a "B" Move over, Netflix. Facebook announced this week it plans to invest a billion dollars on original programming on its "Watch" platform. What's unclear is the nature of the "original" content investment. Will it be rights to streaming programming, like sports? Or will it be high-gloss original content, like Netflix? Additionally,…
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Marilois on Media 9-13-17

Doing Good For those of us of a certain age, the comedian Jerry Lewis was an icon. Back when there were only two or three TV network options, Jerry Lewis hosted a Labor Day weekend all-night telethon to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Lots of people watched. It was fun to stay up…
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Marilois on Media 9-6-17

Mayweather-McGregor Fight Breaks Records Some things that made this fight interesting: 1) McGregor had never fought a professional boxing match and Mayweather is pretty old for a boxer. 2) Both opponents have different audiences, demographically, so, kudos to whatever artist thought to mix mediums. 3) Showtime used the fight to test limits of its reach,…
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Marilois on Media 08-29-17

More on Millennials Most marketing decision makers are young Boomers or Gen Xers. So we may be forgiven for forgetting that Millennials are growing up, living independently and becoming parents. In short - buying stuff. Here's a bit this week on Millennials. First, they're not so brand loyal. Take Jonathan Wu, featured in this week's…
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Marilois on Media 8-21-17

Netflix Turn to Diss Remember last week when Disney, which owns ABC, announced it was pulling its movie library from Netflix for its own OTT solution? Snap! Stunning turning of the tables in this week's ABC/Netflix soap opera. Shondra Rhimes, creator of ABC shows Gray's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, is…
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