IInfusion is a term usually associated with chemistry or medicine, not marcom. 

But not at OnMessage - because the Dallas-based agency has declared itself a messaging infusion company. 

“I spent 14 years working with many different agencies on the client side,” Jim O’Gara, the founder of OnMessage, told us. “As a client, I was constantly looking for a partner that could help me develop compelling and consistent messaging for my company, but what I found were agencies that addressed the highest level messages as a means to their own end – be it an ad campaign, lead generation program, or maybe even a website.”

So what were you actually looking for? we asked. 


Jim O'Gara

Jim O'Gara

Without hesitation, he answered, “I was looking for a partner that could help me write the full story, packaged and delivered both inside and outside the organization in a clear and consistent manner.”

OnMessage created this provocative ad for client, Amerisource Bergen

OnMessage created this provocative ad for client, AmerisourceBergen

So, hence, O'Gara went on to found OnMessage where he defined messaging as, “the process of developing and delivering a consistent story throughout the customer experience.” He went on to explain that, “we start by building a messaging platform that serves as a consistent source of re-purposeable content – encompassing key differentiators, value statements, an elevator pitch, short and long-form messaging decks, situational sales messaging, social media content and more -- that can be used by business leaders, sales professionals, marketers, the HR department, customer support – virtually every area of the business.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

OnMessage develops content like this to tell a story for the American Heart Association

OnMessage develops content like this to tell a story for the American Heart Association

To insure the message is delivered consistently throughout the organization, especially by all customer-facing employees, OnMessage offers comprehensive  Employee Infusion Training Services for its client organizations. “These training programs, which we conduct across the entire organization leverage core elements of the messaging platform and allow employees to personalize and internalize the company’s story so they can bring it to life in their day-to-day roles. By conducting formal messaging training, leaders can ensure the entire organization can articulate a clear, consistent message when engaging in prospect and customer conversations.”

OnMessage integrates the messaging platform throughout the customer experience by providing strategic sales enablement and content development services to its clients. O'Gara stated, “Ensuring strategic messages are delivered consistently throughout the buying process is essential. To make this happen, we offer sales enablement services that weave key messages into highly engaging sales tools. In addition, with our content development services clients can produce a stream of thought-leadership content that consistently extends and amplifies their story. This content can be packaged in executive briefs, whitepapers, videos, podcasts – almost any content marketing asset," O'Gara also said, "Ultimately, we provide clients with the integrated services they need to increase messaging continuity throughout the customer experience and derive a higher return on their marcom investments.”

The agency's capabilities are particularly compelling to clients in the B2B space, especially healthcare and technology. “Companies in B2B face significant challenges and a higher degree of complexity than most traditional B2C companies. They have more complex business models and sales processes which create a need for greater clarity and continuity in their messaging.”

OnMessage produced this touching video for the North Texas Food Bank OnMessage’s client roster includes companies such as pharmaceutical services giant AmerisouceBergen, the American Heart Association and software developer, Peoplefluent.

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