Prime Time for Public Sector RFPs

Some in the ad and marcom industry scoff at public sector RFPs. They’re not sexy. Not financial services, not travel and tourism, not telecommunications or high tech or, better yet, high tech start-ups.

Whatever you may think, now is the perfect time for public sector RFPs.

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There are a bevy of reasons, but here are a few:

  • We’ve seen post-secondary academic institutions issue RFPs for remote learning programs and anticipate more will do so in the upcoming months as we adjust to a “new normal.”
  • With the current economy, private sector marketers will undoubtedly cut back on their marketing and advertising budgets. It’s a given. Most public sector RFPs are for government mandated programs– such as the census, voter registration, public housing availability, financial assistance and educational programs among others. These mandates are much less likely to go away during a downturn than private sector initiatives.
  • For small and medium sized agencies, cash flow is always an issue. For the most part, private sector entities that continue to market during a downturn try to stretch out their payables. Not good for an agency on an already tight budget. Also, particularly with start-ups, it remains a mystery whether you will get paid at all.
  • Public sector dollars are worth just as much as private sector dollars.

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