Roger’s Irrefutable Rules of New Business Marketing

I’ve worked in Advertising New Business for most of my career, starting as part of the New Business Group at Madison Avenue giant, Young & Rubicam, then as President of Y&R subsidiary, The Lord Group, and then onto the small agency universe as a principal in Brandloft, an integrated marcom and branding agency in Connecticut. Over that time, I’ve developed a set of rules or principles which I think apply to most new business situations. I call them “Roger’s Irrefutable Rules of New Business Marketing.” Over the next several months, I’ll elaborate on each, but for now, let’s start with the overall list.

  1. “There’s no such thing as a bad New Business Meeting.”
  2. Adrenaline can become a powerful opiate. (Corollary:There is no such thing as a Midnight Genius)
  3. Prepare Yourself.
  4. Little things matter.
  5. Put All Your Eggs in Many Baskets.
  6. Never Contradict a Fellow Team Member in a New Business Meeting
  7. There is Quality in Quantity.
  8. Involve Sr. Management Early - Even When They Don’t Want to Be.
  9. Be Genuine. Be Honest.
  10. Rental Cars Trump Limousines.
  11. Better to be a Master of Your Own Common Sense than a Slave to Someone Else’s Rules.

Some of these may be self-explanatory, particularly to those of you who practice the art and science of new business for a living. But stay on the lookout for my blog updates over the upcoming weeks when I’ll elaborate a bit on each. In the meantime, be well and enjoy the summer!


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